Induction Motor


What is Induction Motor? How It’s Working -Wiring-And Applications


  • An induction motor works on transforming action.
  • The stator works as the primary while the rotor works as the secondary.
  • It is also called asynchronous Motor.


  • STATOR: it is the stationary part of the motor.
  • ROTOR:it is the rotating part of the motor.

STATOR:stator has three parts:

  • OUTER FRAME: it is the outer body of the protects the inner part of the machine.
  • STATOR CORE: Buit up of high grade silicon steel.carries the alternating magnetic field.
  • STATOR WINDING:Has a three phase winding.

ROTOR:two types of Rotor:

  • Squirrel Cage Rotor: it consists of a laminated cylindrical core having semi closed circular slots at the outer periphery.
  • Copper or aluminum bar conductors are placed in these slots and short circuited at each end by copper or aluminum rings called Short circuiting rings.
  • Reduce humming.
  • Provide smoother torque for different position
  • Reduce magnetic locking of stator and rotor.

Phase wound Rotor/ ( slip ring rotor):

  • The rotor is wound for the same number of poles as that of stator.
  • Consists of a laminated core having semi closed slots at the outer periphery and carries a to three phase insulated winding.
  • The three finish terminals are connected together forming a star point & the to three star terminals are connected to three slip rings fixed on the shaft.


  • SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR: the single phase induction motor is not self- starting.
  • When the motor is connected to a single- phase power supply, the main winding carries an alternating current.
  • it is logical that the least expensive, most reduced upkeep sort engine ought to be utilized most regularly.
  • These are of different types based on their way of starting since these are of not self starting .
  • Those are split phase, shaded pole and capacitor motors.again capacitor motors are capacitor start, capacitor run and permanent capacitor motors.

THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR: These motors are self- starting and use no capacitor,start winding,centrifugal switch or other starting device.

three-phase AC induction motors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications.

Induction motors are used in industry and Domestic applicanes because these are rugged in construction requiring Hardly any maintenance, that they comparatively cheap,and require supply only to the stator.


  • When AC supply is given to the stator winding of induction motor
  • The alternating current starts flowing through the stator or main winding.
  • This alternating current produces an alternating flux called main flux.


  • These motors find use in fans, refrigerator,Air- conditioners,vaccum Cleaners, washing machines, centrifugal pumps, tools,small farming appearances, blowers.
  • These are mostly used for low power but constant speed devices such as agricultural tools and Machinery where three- phase supply are not available.1/400 kw to 1/25 kw motors are used in toys, hair dryers etc.
  • In hydraulic for pumping the fluid.
  • In pumps, drilling machine, pressing machine, lathe machine,and grinding machine.
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