A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electricity primarily in one direction. It has high resistance on one end and low resistance on the other end. In this article, let us understand in detail about what is diode and diode symbol.

List And Types of Diode

List And Types of Diode

  1. Signal diode
  2. Led (light emitting diode)
  3. Photo diode
  4. Zener diode
  5. Tunnel diode
  6. Vaccum diode
  7. peliter diode
  8. Laser diode
  9. Gunn diode
  10. crystal diode
  11. Avalance diode
  12. pin diode
  13. constant current diode
  14. schottky diode
  15. schokley diode
  16. transient voltage supression diode
  17. step recovery diode
  18. point contact diode
  19. silicon control rectifier diode
  20. infrared light emitting diode

Application of diode

  • 1.rectifier
  • 2.climper
  • 3.reverse current protection
  • 4.logic gates
  • 5.voltage/current mutlimeter
  • 6.diffentail circuit


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