Arduino+esp8266+thingspeak IoT Projects


1.your wifi &hotspot ssid & pass write on arduino code file.
2.Creat thingspeak account. & upload esp8266 code into your board.
4.after upload open arduino serial page and press reset button when connect it will show to serial page .
5.write thingspeak write key on my webpage to on off devices anywhere in the world.
ESP 8266 Node MCU Web APP LED Control IoT Yawot


Gradient Button Hover toggle on off 10 sec of delay due Thingspeak limitation for without licence user.if you buy licences then no delay in on off

Control your device Anywhere in the world using a things-speak server and esp-8266 wifi

  1. first download the esp-8266 wifi shield code then edit your server and wifi admin and password. then upload to esp8266 shield.

2. comes to my website given URL

3. write your thing speak server API on the above software show.

4. Then press the d1 button to on-off as per the button given text.

5. it's working with a 10-30 sec delay.

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