All About Transistor



A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify and switch electronic signals and electrical power . This is our electronics switches/button to on /off the signal .

How Transitor works

Basically, the transistor has three terminals used for operating principles. A Voltage/current Applies to one pair of the transistor terminals and changes its currents to another pair of terminals using emitter, base and collector. the transistor is made of semiconductor material.

Basic transistors are two types

  1. PNP (two P-type silicon material & one N-type silicon material)
  2. NPN (two N-type silicon material & one P-type silicon material)

the working principle is the same in both types change only flow of voltage /current directions in PNP and NPN respectively

PNP -Positive input and positive output (no current flow on the base terminal, flow emitter to collector)

NPN -Negative input and Negative output (current flow on the base terminal, flow collector to emitter)


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